Commuter Craft, LLC was formed in 2006 but its roots go back to 1972 when, in high school, Richard Hogan initiated the development of what has become Commuter Craft as well as the design of its products.

Commuter Craft currently is incorporated in the state of Georgia. Commuter Craft offers a line of personal transportation vehicles providing performance, efficiency and utility not currently available elsewhere in the marketplace.




Commuter Craft Mission & Vision

At Commuter Craft, we perceive that innovation is not over the next hill but right in front of us.  The aircraft industry is eager for new designs and new levels of performance.  We’re dedicated to driving the future of General Aviation as being leaders, not followers.  Our philosophy can be summed up with 6 core principles:

Focus on safety for our customers and our employees first.

Operate from the customer’s perspective in all we do.

Be good partners with all business associates including suppliers, staff, supporting professionals and even competitors. Earn the trust of all those around us by looking out for them as we would for ourselves and in doing so, create a future of which we can all be proud.

Lead the industry with new elegant and efficient designs.

Promote aviation in all we do and do our best to support our fellow aviators every day as these are the defenders of our culture and the future of our passion.  If we build aviation to new heights together, we will make our world a better place.

Strive to win through growth with knowledge that the world is an abundant source for all we need.




The future world needs more private aviation.

At Commuter Craft, we don’t think the aviation market is anywhere near saturation point and is positioned for growth.  In our mobility world, the need to travel is a given.  Why else would people spend 500 hours or more per year sitting in traffic?  However, in our fast paced world time is an ever growing priority.  Personal aviation expands people’s life in many positive ways but in the future, it can become the key to escaping gridlock and regaining the precious time to enjoy life to the fullest.

Our company mission is to grow aviation.  There are currently approximately 600,000 licensed pilots in the US.  We would like to see aviation grow 100 percent in the next 10 years and there is reason to be hopeful with the recent uptick in the number of people starting to take flying lessons.  We even want our competitors to be successful and even grow their sales.  We believe Commuter Craft will help grow aviation and help increase sales of other airplanes in the market by driving more people to get excited about flying.  The excitement created by these aircraft and other new aircraft entering the marketplace will help grow attendance at aviation events.  As supporters of EAA, the people of Commuter Craft have the goal to contribute to EAA AirVenture annual attendance climbing to over 1 million sometime in the next 10 years.  In our world, that would be very powerful for Aviation.




Commuter Craft Founder, Richard Hogan

Commuter Craft, LLC founder, Richard Hogan, has more than 35 years of profitable business experience in design, marketing and management, including several business startups. Mr. Hogan is a pilot with considerable kit-building background and has completed advanced aircraft design courses provided by world renowned designers.  This wealth of experience provides a solid foundation for the company.

Mr. Hogan has held a private pilot’s license since 1991, and is deeply involved in the aviation community. He has been an EAA chapter officer for 18 of the last 23 years.  Mr. Hogan has worked diligently to create an advanced line of transportation vehicles and has gained the necessary education and experience in physics, aeronautics, materials engineering, business and technology to successfully launch this company.




Commuter Craft People

 Started as a grass roots mostly volunteer effort, aviation enthusiasts worked together to make a difference.

A business is only as strong as the people with which it is associated.  At Commuter Craft, relationships are the cornerstone of our true strength.  The company was built on the strength of professionals volunteering their time and talent to be a part of something special.  Key vendors, business associates and institutional organizations have supported the development as well.

We have Engineers, Office and Production Managers, Project Managers, Sales Managers, Composite Specialists, Aircraft Designers, Business Executives, a CAD Specialist, Software and Electronics Specialists, Accounting Professionals, Professional Pilots and Aircraft Mechanics among our core group of volunteers.  Some have been involved for years and some have just stepped in when their talent was needed but all have been responsible for what Commuter Craft has become and what the company will become in the future.

Within the organization, Commuter Craft is committed to:

  • Living by our principles
  • Building a growth-oriented culture
  • Rewarding outstanding people for exceptional performance
  • Motivating people to high achievement levels

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