Our test flight regimen has been going spectacularly well. The performance of the Innovator in these early stages has been unprecedented.  This is fitting considering the clean sheet design of the Innovator aircraft.  Please take in this video compilation of the flight tests thus far put together by our test pilot, Ethen Chaffin:

The Commuter Craft family is very excited and we think this video does a great job of conveying that excitement. Please contact us and we’ll be sure you are able to stay up to date. There is much more to come. Our near-term goal is to fly Innovator Ship One down to Sebring in January 2016.

The Commuter Craft Innovator Ship One is the first prototype of a new homebuilt aircraft line. This line is the multi-vehicle platform (MVP). Ship Two will be a roadable aircraft. Although the mid-term vision is to produce a sensible and viable roadable aircraft solution, we think the Commuter Craft Innovator stands up very well as an aircraft only with its unique design and features. Please browse the Commuter Craft website for more information about this exciting new clean sheet design for the homebuilt aircraft market.