Solving the Flying Car Problem

In over 100 years of attempts, there has never been a “flying car” successfully brought to market. Every variation has suffered severely from one or more of the following problems for which Commuter Craft has developed solutions:


Problem:  Car type suspension makes takeoff and landing angle very flat; requires long runway and advanced pilot skills.

Commuter Craft Solution:  Innovative articulating suspension provides ideal geometry for either aircraft or road handling mode in a simple push-button operation.


Problem:  Complex controls and gauges create confusion and require specialized training.

Commuter Craft Solution:  Controls and electronic panel that transforms between aircraft and road mode eliminates confusion.


Problem:  Conversion from road to air vehicle too difficult, too complex, takes too long and is scary to customers.

Commuter Craft Solution:  Innovator R’s transformation method is pushbutton with indication lights confirming each element locked in place.  Visual preflight is still required as with all aircraft.


Problem:  Too heavy; contributes to need for long runway; reduces performance at all levels.

Commuter Craft Solution:  Purpose-built design integrates road power train into aircraft to minimize weight addition and to retain exceptional performance.


Problem:  High cost is a barrier to entry compared to other aircraft.

Commuter Craft Solution:  Commuter Craft’s Multi-Vehicle Platform provides higher volume, decreasing cost per unit. This makes the Innovator R selling price close to or less than normal aircraft in its class.  This, in turn, makes Innovator R less than half the cost of other roadable products.


Problem:  Cramped cockpit; uncomfortable seating.

Commuter Craft Solution:  60” wide cockpit is widest in class with elbow room to spare. Seating is recliner-like configuration and comfort level.


Problem:  Combining vastly different car and aircraft features result in unattractive design.

Commuter Craft Solution:  Innovator R is a clean-sheet design, incorporating features needed for its mission while creating a completely new and very attractive look.


Problem:  Inability to effectively deal with the different power needs for flying and driving.

Commuter Craft Solution:  Making the vehicle electric-powered on the ground eliminates complex transmission and linkage systems and potential problems.


Problem:  Too complex to be built as a kit by craftsman with ordinary skills.

Commuter Craft Solution:  Advanced design features allows aircraft to be primarily assembled, not fabricated during construction, resulting in a shorter build time with less craftsmanship skills required.


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